Senior Spotlight: Aaron Hutton

Adrik Nevalainen



Aaron Hutton is yet another senior who joined Fillmore Central High School during his freshman year. Today, Hutton is a senior who has only spent much of his time wrestling. Hutton disclosed that at an early age, he did not participate in many sports. It wasn’t until his time at Fillmore Central where Hutton decided to join the wrestling team. Hutton mentioned that he took an interest in the sport. This interest would prove to be beneficial to Hutton’s overall health, that he appreciates. Overall Hutton explained that wrestling was “a fun experience.” 


Besides being active in wrestling, Hutton enjoys painting and listening to music. 


Hutton is currently undecided where he will further his education. Despite this, Hutton has shown interests in Luther, Winona State, Wisconsin Lacrosse, and Mankato. 


Although Hutton has only been with us since his freshman year, he has proven to be a powerful presence within the class of 2023. From enjoying playing frisbee with air dry clay, to just cracking out jokes, Aaron Hutton will continue to share his bright character. When asked about any senior advice for the underclassmen, Hutton answered this: “don’t screw up your GPA and then try to fix it your senior year.” 


“I’m so handsome.” 

  • Aaron Hutton