America’s Oligarchy

Americas Oligarchy

Judah Stockdale, Staff Writer

In America, we pride ourselves for our democracy. What some fail to realize, however, is our voice is heard much less than it once was. The people in charge of this nation are not those we elect; the corporations and people with money are in charge. When a person runs for office they need money, and this money is happily provided by corporations—if the candidate will be enact or protect profitable policies and laws for them.

The people that we vote for are the pre-approved candidates the various corporations have allowed. The people we vote for don’t enact their own platform but the platform given to them. These corporations spend billions of dollars lobbying government for policies that will improve their own profit margins and keep their inhumane business practices legal. According to Princeton University, a policy has a roughly 30% chance of being enacted regardless of if the citizens agree or disagree. The economic elites’ interests are much more favored—a strong correlation is found in the enacting of a policy and these elites’ favor of it.

In a late stage capitalist society, such as the one we live in, the value of increased profits far out values the human life. In the effort for cheaper labor, the human rights of the people will be undermined, which is why we outsource so much of our labor and is why the minimum wage hasn’t been raised in over 10 years. These companies own every aspect of our lives—from the food we eat, to the movies we entertain ourselves. Plus, they control the prices of both. The same people who sell you food also determine the policies and prices to grow that food.

This form of government is far more similar to an oligarchy than it is to a democracy. The reality of America is either way you vote you end up voting for something corrupt and therefore evil. Whether you vote republican or democrat it simply does not matter as either way you’re voting for evil.