Senior Spotlight: Courtney Hershberger

Adrik Nevalainen

Homecoming Royalty 2022-2023



Courtney Hershberger has been recognized as one of the leading athletes in the Fillmore Central’s Girls Golf program. Now a senior, and a homecoming royal, Hershberger will forever be recognized for her starring achievements. Not only did she participate in the Girl’s Basketball State Tournament her freshman year, Hershberger was also a participant in the Girl’s Golf State Tournament consecutively since 8th grade. After starting golf in 8th grade, Hershberger has also managed to reach the top ten lowest scores to receive in girls state golf in Fillmore Central History.  


Besides high school, Hershbrger is still committed to sports. Beyond just sports however, she enjoys spending time with friends, shopping at Scheels, and of course watching sports. 


After graduation, Hershberger will be attending Bethel University in St. Paul, Minnesota to major in nursing. She will also be continuing her passion for golf at Bethel University. 


A committed athlete, a homecoming royal, and scholar, Hershberger will continue to showcase her skills in academics and athletics. Fillmore Central High School wishes Courtney Hershberger the best in furthering her education at Bethel University. 


“Umm I don’t know.”

  • Courtney Hershberger, senior class treasurer