Senior Spotlight: Emma Illg

Adrik Nevalainen



Emma Illg has been a Fillmore Central student for as long as she can remember, or how she puts it “since I was six months old.” While being part of Fillmore Central’s student body, Illg has also participated in many activities including: volleyball, basketball, TNT, spring play, and one act. From her active commitment to volleyball, to her new found interest in theater, Illg is a renaissance student by definition. Although Illg only joined the theater program as a junior, she managed to climb her way up to obtain creative leadership within the costume department this year. Illg’s strong leadership qualities even guaranteed her a theater, and a Women in Leadership scholarship.  


Besides high school, Illg prefers to spend her time working as a waitress at The Bite (Harmony, MN), hanging out with friends and even traveling. It was the summer of the year 2022, where Illg was able to go on a school trip to see all the wonders of Italy. 


After graduation, Illg will be attending the College of St. Benedict to potentially major in business. Illg has also expressed that she will be involved within the school’s theater department. 


Illg’s strong leadership and perseverance to achieve her goals makes her a respected senior within the class of 2023. When asked about senior advice to the underclassmen, Illg mentioned “Don’t get caught up on one thing, try many things.” Fillmore Central wishes Illg the best of luck with her future endeavors at St. Benedict. 



  • Emma Illg