Senior Spotlight: Grace Kennedy

Adrik Nevalainen



Grace Kennedy joined Fillmore Central during her 8th grade year. Now a senior, Kennedy has found her spot as a well loved senior. Her involvement in volleyball JO, choir and photography club make her a student of many interests. Besides these activities, Kennedy is also involved in trapshooting. She has topped the average score for girls trapshooting for six consecutive years. 


Besides making records, Kennedy enjoys spending her time working, listening to music, hanging out with friends, and even making organized lists and plans.  Kennedy has also expressed her interest in exercising. 


After graduation, Kennedy will be going to Nova in Rochester, MN, to attend a nine month program for cosmetology. Kennedy’s interest in beauty has been prevalent throughout all of high school. From her stunning hair styles, to her refined taste in fashion, Kennedy has a natural eye for aesthetics. 


From leading the girls in trapshooting to showcasing her interest in beauty, Kennedy will continue to ahh others with her diverse skills. When asked about any senior advice to the underclassmen, Kennedy expressed “don’t live someone else’s dream, find your own.” Grace Kennedy is indeed a sweetheart. Fillmore Central wishes Kennedy the best of luck with her future interest in cosmetology.  



  • Grace Kennedy