Senior Spotlight: Clayton Knutson

Adrik Nevalainen, Student Writer



Clayton Knutson has been a Fillmore Central student since preschool. Now a senior, Knutson reflects on one of his favorite high school activities, wrestling. When asked about the significance of this sport, Knutson could only disclose that it was what he accomplished as a person that stood out to him the most. Sometimes what you gain from these activities is less than a medal or the glory of victory. Sometimes it’s the constant improvement and the need to find a better self that athletes strive to achieve. 


Besides high school, Knutson enjoys his time riding dirt bikes, or driving cars. 


After graduation, Knutson intends on joining the workforce to potentially work with his brother.   


Although Knutson never had a wide variety of commitments, he still found every opportunity to grow. When asked about any senior advice to the underclassmen, Knutson mentioned: “Don’t be stupid, have fun.” Fillmore Central High School wishes Knutson the best of luck with his future endeavors. 



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