Senior Spotlight: Ava Christopherson


Grace Kennedy, Student Writer



A well-known senior leader and cheerleader, Ava Mae Christopherson, got to cheer at the Vikings Stadium for the first time in the school’s history. In school, Ava is involved in photography club as well as cheerleading. One of her favorite high school memories here at Fillmore was during hybrid learning, which occurred due to COVID-19. Ava and Angel—a fellow senior friend of hers—were driving a four-wheeler on the road when Ava told Angel to get on the right side of the road; seconds later, she swerved from almost hitting the school bus.


In her free time outside of school, Christopherson likes to work, hang out with Noah Rothering and friends, shop, get coffee, listen to music, attend church, and go to youth group.


Ava has always loved helping people, so she intends to further her nursing degree at Riverland. After graduating from Riverland, she aspires to get a bachelor’s degree in nursing by attending Winona State for two years. 


From coming to Fillmore as a junior, she has made an impact on a lot of people’s lives. She has so many goals and achievements that she is determined to do. Riverland and Winona will be lucky to have her, so good luck to her on all those future endeavors. 


“It’s okay to be wrong. *sarcastic*”

  • Ava Christopherson