No Shame in the Nap Game


Maddy Bergey, Editor

Happy National Napping Day!

I know you may be thinking this is quite a peculiar day to celebrate, but it is quite intentionally placed on the calendar. Carefully selected, it falls on the day after daylight savings time, which is the perfect opportunity to indulge in a much-needed nap after losing an hour of sleep.

Though there is controversy about whether or not to keep daylight savings time, there probably shouldn’t be controversy around napping or merely getting rest. Though napping daily may just show the prevalence of an irregular or poor sleep schedule, it can actually be beneficial to nap two or three times per week. These times of rest propose many benefits. Reduced fatigue, increased alertness, more relaxation, and improved mood are a few examples of how a nap may benefit someone.

According to Mayo Clinic, you are supposed to create a restful environment to nap in, take them in the early afternoon, and keep them short—about 10 to 20 minutes. All of these factors can help to increase both the quality and efficacy of your nap.

Whether or not you choose to participate in National Napping Day, just know that it is beneficial for you to intentionally set aside time to rest. You deserve it!