Large Group Contest 2023


Maddy Bergey, Editor

On Monday, March 13th, Fillmore Central hosted large group, which is a musical contest that occurs each year. Various local schools’ bands and choirs gather to perform songs they have been working on. Starting at 4:30 P.M., bands performed in the large, varsity gym while choirs performed in the stage gym.

The Fillmore Central Choir performed at 6:00 P.M. They started with a dramatic and somber song, “Can We Sing the Darkness to Light” by Kyle Pederson. This work creates a world where instead of relying on judgement, violence, and hatred to fuel change, people were able to overcome that into a world that nurtures love across barriers. Though an emotionally deep song, it is quite peaceful, though filled with a bit of unrest.

Their next piece was “Come to the Music” by Joseph M. Martin, which was a dramatic contrast to the first piece. This song was quite literally a celebration and ode to the joyful feeling music can provoke.

Later, the Fillmore Central Band performed at 7:30 P.M. “American Salute” arranged by Douglas E. Wagner started their performance off on a quick, loud note . . . literally! Written as a patriotic tune during World War II, it was meant to be a morale booster as well as a piece of encouragement.

To end the performance night for Fillmore Central, the band performed “Drums of the Saamis” by Samuel Hazo. Within this piece, tribal drums along with a relatively haunting yet upbeat, progressive rhythm help to advance the song.

Overall, both directors—Mrs. Holten and Mr. Ledin—were impressed with their ensembles’ performances; both the Fillmore Central Choir and Band earned a Superior rating. Congratulations to all the students and directors from all schools on this night of creating music in southeastern Minnesota!