The Week Of Kindness

The Week Of Kindness

Grace Kennedy, Student Writer

The week of March 6th at Fillmore Central High School was a week of kindness!

Active Minds, a peer-mentorship group here at Fillmore Central, coordinated a few activities—from dress-up days to sticky notes that displayed positive messages. In terms of the dress-up days, Monday was Mismatch Day, and Tuesday was Hawaiian Day. Then, Denim Day occurred on Wednesday; the week concluded with Blue Day on Thursday, since blue is the color of kindness awareness.

As part of the other activities, there were many post-it notes with kind messages on them scattered around the high school; this helped people get in the spirit, as they were actively showing love and kindness to others. 

Not only is it important to compliment your friends and people that are in your everyday life, but it is important to compliment strangers. Catching a stranger off guard and telling them something you appreciate about them or even just telling someone to have a great day with a smile can have such an impact on someone’s life. 

Kindness is a chain, so once you start that chain, you can create something amazing between human beings! Simple gestures can change someone’s life dramatically. Be that person to start the chain.