Senior Spotlight: Elizabeth Ryan

Adrik Nevalainen, Student Writer



A voice beyond all others, Elizabeth Ryan is truly the artist to remember. Not only has Ryan participated in theatrical productions outside of school, she is also firmly devoted to the Fillmore Central theater department. From her involvement in theater, band, choir, and even jazz band, Ryan has shown her diverse range of talents in every creative field Fillmore Central has to offer. Beyond her series of vast accomplishments, Ryan considers getting best in sight at the Rushford Solo Small Group Competition her greatest memory in high school. This is a great memory for Ryan because it was the first time in Mrs. Holten’s (Fillmore Central Choir Director) career where any of her students placed first in the category. 


Besides high school, Ryan prefers to spend her time horse riding, cuddling with her cats, and watching Disney movies, especially Hercules. 


After graduation, Ryan will be attending Wartburg College to major in Music Education and to minor in theater. 


Ryan’s talents will continue to shine outside of high school. Yet her angelic voice will always roam the halls of Fillmore Central. When asked about any senior advice Ryan mentioned this: “Join theater, cause why not.” Fillmore Central high school wishes Elizabeth Ryan the best of luck with her gifts at Wartburg College.  


“No, I am a tree.” (“Awaiting Wonderland” Steven Stack)

  • Elizabeth Ryan