The Start Of Spring Sports

The Start Of Spring Sports

Chloe Morem, Student Writer

All the spring sports are in the making of a great season!

Softball practices started last week at the elementary school in Preston. The girls softball team has a new head coach—Samantha Bratland who played softball at Luther College. The players are hoping for a great season—and hopefully good weather—with a new head coach and a larger team.

Along with softball, track also started last week. Track athletes have started their week off in the cold and chilly weather in Lanesboro. Fillmore Central has over 40 athletes on the track team; the other athletes are from Lanesboro and Mabel-Canton. The warmer weather this week is getting all the track athletes outside to practice in this wonderful weather.

This week, baseball started for all players, although some practices occurred last week for some baseball players in order to work on catching, throwing, and hitting. The rest of the baseball players started in the middle of the week in the big gym in Harmony at the high school.

Additionally, golf also started this week for both the boys and girls. They are starting indoors with the snow still outside, but they are hoping that the snow melts soon in order to get outdoors. Until then, the golfers will be practicing in the small gym at the high school in Harmony. Early on in the week, the golfers set up the gym, went over team rules, and previewed the upcoming season.