Art Versus Sport

Katie Whelan, Staff Writer

Many people argue that the arts are more important than sports, or that athletics are more important than the arts, but the truth is that both have existed for thousands of years and are both for the enjoyment of society. These require hours of effort to master, and people devote their entire lives to their progress as professions or hobbies.

Some argue that abandoning sports would result in a more productive society. Others say that reducing art would result in a more athletic culture. I don’t believe this. Eliminating someone’s true passion does not imply that they’ll find their calling elsewhere; it takes away their motivation. A lack of motivation would result in a lethargic and uninterested society. Art is all around you.

Sports are considered the science and art of human movement, but art is often viewed as a material object or something made with a tool.

Ballet is both, but according to the International Olympic Committee, dance is a sport. To become a professional dancer, you must train for hours every day for many years. It takes a lot of physical strength and energy, yet when viewing the performance from a distance, it is easy to forget that you are watching a sport. It is so encapsulating and consuming as an art form that nearly the majority of people would say it is just art.

Of course, it is more than just dancing or ballet. Think synchronized swimming, figure skating, and gymnastics. Imagine playing tennis with friends in the summer; the utter joy you feel when experiencing and performing these movements—as well as the nostalgia you feel when remembering them—is thrilling. Art is anything that has meaning; it’s anything that brings you to life. You are art.