The Truman Show: Horror Disguised as a Comedy


Maddox Wolfgram, Staff Writer

The Truman Show, released in 1998, is a sci-fi/comedy movie starring Jim Carrey. The story follows a man named Truman, whose entire life is broadcasted as a tv show. Starting at birth, every moment of his life has been shown to the world, and yet he has no idea. Everyone in his life are paid actors that are told what to say.

Throughout the movie, Truman slowly begins to realize that everything in his life is fabrication. First, a satellite falls from the sky. Then, he sees his presumably dead father, before a crowd comes out of nowhere and pushes him into a bus. Next, he accidentally flips the radio to a channel that is describing his movements. Many more of these type of hints are accidentally dropped to him, before culminating in Truman having a full realization of what is going on.

Truman is constantly manipulated into being someone he isn’t. When he was young his father supposedly drowned, causing him to have a major phobia of water. This phobia prevented him from leaving the island he lives on, making him stuck forever. His one true love is also taken away from him for trying to tell him the truth. His one true wish throughout the movie is to go to Fiji, where his true love lies.

Most of the scenes throughout the movie are portrayed through comedy, but this movie presents an absolutely depressing tragedy. The entire movie made me feel uneasy and incredibly sad for Truman. Imagine how you would feel if you found out everyone in your life were just actors, and you have never had a real moment. Your entire life is just a fabrication. It is a depressing reality that Truman is forced into without a choice.

The climax starts with Truman disappearing, and none of the cameras being able to find him. I won’t spoil the ending of the movie, because it is one of the most beautiful endings in cinema. The Truman Show is a movie that I would recommend everyone watch at some point in their lives. It easily contends for my favorite Jim Carrey performance of all time.