Choir Solo/Small Group

Choir Solo/Small Group

Jenna Tieskotter, Staff Writer

On Tuesday, March 21st, the local solo/small group recital took place here at Fillmore Central High School. There was a judge who listened to and critiqued all of the performers who sang. Many of the songs were in different languages such as Italian and French. There were a total of 13 songs being performed by solos, duets, and groups of four or more. 


This night’s soloists include Tristen Sill, who sang “Skye Boat Song”; Alayna Holets, who sang “Wiegenlied”; Esme Gastfield, who sang “Sebben Crudele”; Eva Hemenway, who sang “Gia il Sole Dal Gange”; Siri Corson, who sang “Bel Piacere”; Hannah Kingsley, who sang “Che faro senza Euridice”; Liz Ryan, who sang “Ah! Je veux vivre”;  and Nicholas Weist, who sang “Bring Him Home.” 


The duets that performed were Angel Apenhorst and Alayna Holets, who sang “For the Beauty of the Earth”; Nora Springer and Caleb Barth, who sang “Make a Joyful Noise”; and Oliver Hoeltzle and Samuel Springer, who sang “Joshua Fit the Battle of Jericho.”


There were two groups who performed at the local recital. The first was a group of 8th grade boys, who sang “No More Sailor Songs.” The second group sang “Pirate Song” and consisted of Ben Ryan, Alex Gulbranson, Brayden Engen, and Zach Krage.


Congratulations to all the participants on your wonderful performances. A special congratulations goes out to Siri Corson for winning best in site!