Starbucks Tragedy

The Discontinuation of Raspberry Syrup

Ashtyn Schibursky, Staff Writer

A shock came to the Starbucks community earlier this month, which astonished many (including me). Starbucks is discontinuing their famous raspberry syrup, which became a staple in many consumer’s drink’s—especially the Strawberry Acai Refresher.

The outrage started when a document was leaked on TikTok about it being discontinued at the end of March. However, many people are still in disbelief. As skinnyratong (TikToker) stated on a TikTok video, “what if Starbucks is pulling a fat prank on y’all about discontinuing the raspberry syrup…like maybe someone posted it on TikTok and then every Starbucks worker just followed it.” Sadly, this is not the truth.

Everything came into reality when a Starbucks spokesperson commented on it by saying: “…and [we] have decided to discontinue raspberry syrup in the US.”

Many TikTok baristas are finding this funny. Some are calling the drinks that their costumers get “basic”.

kittycarla222 posted a video on TikTok of her taking the last bit of the syrup (from the last bottle in her Starbucks location) for her drink. On the other side, you have sad consumers talking about the ache their heart is about to go through.


donni.hotmommy on TikTok displayed her sadness on a TikTok video with a so called “sad sound”. It seems like either people are super bothered or unbothered—no in-between.

Starting April 1, we will be living in a sad world with no raspberry syrup.