Pets are Not Presents

Pets are Not Presents

Jenna Tieskotter, Staff Writer

Easter, along with the spring season, is coming up very quickly. With spring comes green grass, clear skies, colorful flowers, and also baby animals. When most people think of Easter, they think of bunnies, chicks, ducklings, puppies, kittens, and more! People often see these cute baby animals and impulsively buy them or think they would make great gifts for their children. However, national statistics state that over 30% of Easter pets die within a few weeks, and around 60% are turned into shelters or abandoned.


Rabbits suffer the most during the Easter season. Four out of five rabbits purchased around Easter will die or be dumped within the first year. This happens because people see these cute little animals, and think they can throw them in a cage and feed them whatever they want. Rabbits are, in fact, not cage animals; they need a spacious place to live along with a specific diet.


There are many reasons why rabbits and other Easter pets die or get dumped every year. People originally buy these animals because they are small and cute. When these animals grow up and get bigger, people don’t find them as cute anymore, and they get dumped. Lack of research is also a reason so many pets are abandoned during the Easter season. People go out and buy pets without doing research first. Once people realize how much work the pet they bought actually is, they dump it, or it dies from lack of proper care. 


As Easter approaches remember to do proper research before getting a new pet, and do not give pets as gifts.