Senior Spotlight: Samuel Springer

Adrik Nevalainen, Student Writer

Homecoming Court 2022-2023



Samuel Springer was voted as the senior class president for the Class of 2023. His bright humor and active involvement in the student body make him one of the most charismatic figures in Fillmore Central. Since the start of high school, Springer has been involved in Football, basketball, choir, and even theater. Out of all these activities, Springer considers track to be his most successful after last year’s win in state. Springer also added that football was his most favorite school activity simply because “I get to tackle people” (Springer).  


Besides high school, Springer enjoys sleeping and playing video games. Springer disclosed that his immense involvement in school activities hinders his time to make room for any personal interests.


After graduation, Springer intends to go into advanced individual training for the National Guard. He also plans on attending the University of Minnesota Duluth, to pursue studies related to the medical industry. 


Samuel Springer will always be remembered as a true renaissance student. From football to theater, Springer has truly done it all. Fillmore Central wishes Samuel Springer the best of luck with his future endeavors. 


“I’m just joking.”

  • Samuel Springer, senior class president