Senior Spotlight: Nathaniel Storlie

Adrik Nevalainen, Student Writer



Nathaniel Storie (or Nate) is one out of the many scholars of the Class of 2023. His involvement in golf, trap shooting, cross country, and jazz band showcase his various talents in athletics and music. Out of all of these, Storlie considers his time in jazz band to be his favorite, stating jazz band has “fun songs to play and is refreshing” (Storlie).


Besides high school, Storlie prefers to spend his time playing video games like Apex Legends, Valorant and Hogwarts Legacy. Besides that, Storlie enjoys sleeping and snowboarding.


After graduation, Storlie will be attending Mankato State University to obtain his Pilot’s License to eventually work at an airline as a pilot.


Storlie will always be remembered for his dry humor and his commitment to academic study. When asked about any senior advice to the underclassmen, he mentioned: “stop slacking off.” Fillmore Central High School wishes Nate Storlie the best of luck with his future endeavors.