Senior Spotlight: Logan Stelpflug


Adrik Nevalainen, Student Writer



Logan Stelpflug has been part of Fillmore Central since preschool. Since then, Stelpflug has only been part of basketball. Although Stelpflug’s palette of extracurricular activities is limited, he considers the value of friendship beyond school much more important.  


Outside of school, Stelpflug enjoys riding dirt bikes and of course, hanging out with friends. 


After graduation, Stelpflug will be joining the workforce, but will also be attending Mankato State to concentrate on septic tank design and installment. 


Stelpflug has only found interest in the things that matter to him most, friendship. As some final senior advice to the underclassmen, Stelpflug mentioned this, “have fun.” Fillmore Central High School wishes Logan Stelpflug the best of luck with his future endeavors. 


“School is no place for winners.”

  • Logan Stelpflug