Senior Spotlight: Jerome Storlie


Adrik Nevalainen, Student Writer



Jerome Storlie has only been part of Fillmore Central his 5th grade year. Now a senior, Storlie has been involved with FFA, football and basketball. Strolie disclosed that FFA proved to be his favorite. Last year, Strolie competed in the FFA state competition in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Storlie mentioned that this event was one of his favorite high school memories. 


Outside of school, Storlie enjoys working on dirt bikes and racing Motocross. He disclosed that being part of Motocross “is fun” (Storlie) “it gives me adrenaline, I get to fly through the air on a machine”. 


After graduation, Storlie will be going directly to the workforce. He will be continuing working at Harmony Enterprises. 


Storlie has found interests well beyond high school, but his free spirit will always be remembered. Fillmore Central High School wishes Jerome Storlie the best of luck with his future endeavors.


“Your mom.”

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