Senior Spotlight: Judah Stockdale

Adrik Nevalainen, Student Writer



Judah Stockdale has been a student of Fillmore Central since preschool. Since then, Stockdale has made a minimal impact on the student body. Despite this, Stockdale is known for his participation in golf, and just recently theater. Stockdale more than anything prefers to find the relationships that matter to him most. He discloses that golf has been his most favorite high school activity because “it’s a very nice way to connect with friends in school and the ones outside of it.” 


Besides high school, Stockdale prefers to spend his time playing golf, playing tabletop board games or card games, and even gambling


After graduation, Stockdale will be attending Colorado Mountain College for a two year degree. Afterwards, Stockdale will transfer to either Winona State, or the University of Minnesota St. Paul to finish his Bachelor’s degree. Concluding that, Stockdale will then transfer to a law school to pursue a career in being an attorney. 


Stockdale is a dark horse in the Class of 2023. His witty humor, and endearing persona, will make him a valued student to be missed at Fillmore Central. Fillmore Central wishes Judah Stockdale the best of luck with his future academic endeavors.


“Let’s get a little more serious.”

  • Judah Stockdale