Senior Spotlight: Dawson Swartzentruber

Adrik Nevalainen, Student Writer



Dawson Swartzentruber is not only recognized for his long last name, but also captivating character. Since the start of high school, Swartzentruber has been involved in basketball, football, baseball, golf, and theater. Swartzentruber explained that golf proved to be his favorite. He mentioned “I’ve improved a lot over the years, and it’s the most fun for me.” (Swartzentruber). Despite his involvement with many athletic departments, Swartzentruber considers theater during his 7th grade year his favorite high school memory. 


Outside of high school, Swartzentruber prefers to spend his free time, golfing, playing video games, and hanging out with friends. 


After graduation, Swartzentruber will be taking a gap year and then will begin his adventures in culinary school afterwards. 


From golf to theater, Swartzentruber has experienced all the realms within Fillmore Central. Swartzentruber will be a valued FC student to remember. Fillmore Central High School wishes Dawson Swartzentruber the best of luck with his future plans in culinary school. 


“I like water.”

  • Dawson Swartzentruber