Tips and Tricks: Studying

Tips and Tricks: Studying

Jenna Tieskotter, Staff Writer

Studying. This is something that I, along with many other people, do not enjoy. Studying is essential and important in order to get good grades in your classes. Studying can seem dreadful at times, and finding motivation to study is difficult. There are many tips and tricks that can help to improve your study habits. 


The first tip is don’t cram all your studying into one session. If you know you have a test coming up, try and spread your studying out through multiple days. Instead of cramming in a long period of studying the night before, spread your studying out into shorter, more frequent sessions.


The second tip is planning out when you’re going to study. Create a schedule and have a set time for when you will study. This will help make sure you don’t skip over your study session. 


Going along with tip number two, tip number three is to have a daily set time for when you will study. Studying at around the same time everyday is proven to be effective.


Tip number four is to set specific goals for each study session. An example of this could be to memorize a certain piece of information you’re studying. 


Tip number five is to start with the hardest subject first. This will make the rest of your studying go by faster.


Tip number six is to avoid distractions while studying. Try to find a quiet place to study that has minimal distractions.


Tip number seven is to effectively use study groups. Try to study with multiple people. 


Although studying can seem dreadful at times, it is important to get good grades. Hopefully these tips can help improve your study habits. These tips came from