Sign Up for Post Prom!


Ashtyn Schibursky, Staff Writer

The time has now come—prom season! Prom doesn’t only include the dance, but Post Prom too!

This year, Post Prom will be at the B&B Olympic Bowl in Preston. Doors will open on Saturday, April 29 at 11 PM and lock at 12 PM. Once locked in, you can experience many things that the Post Prom committee has put together. There will be activities such as a hypnotist, caricaturist (free of cost), cup pong, all you can bowl bowling, photo booth, etc. There will also be walking taco’s, snacks, and beverages for you to enjoy.

At the end, there will be prizes. Prizes can be anywhere from a coffee cup to AirPods (example prizes). Everyone that attends will go home with a prize! Doors will open back up on Sunday, April 30 at 3:30 AM.

There will be Early Bird Registration for a drawing of a $100 Amazon gift card. The Early Bird Registration is due by Friday, April 7. The final date to register for Post Prom is Friday, April 21. You do not have to go to Prom to attend Post Prom!