A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder Series

A Good Girls Guide to Murder Series

Maggie Dempewolf, Staff writer

The Good Girl’s Guide to Murder series has become one of the most popular murder mystery series in the past year. The series was written by Holly Jackson and the first book was published in 2019. Following that, the second was published in 2020, and the third and final book in the series was published in 2021.

The series follows Pip, a high school senior, who decides to look into the murder case of a local girl named Andie Bell. Andie died 5 years ago because she was murdered by her boyfriend, Sal Singh. Sal then killed himself soon after. At least, this is what everyone thinks. Pip isn’t so sure it is true. She teams up with Ravi Singh, Sal’s younger brother, who also believes that his brother didn’t kill Andie Bell. Together they uncover the hidden secrets of the Bell Family and bring justice for Andie and Sal.

Pip and Ravi then decide to start a podcast about this case to let the world know what really happened to Andie. Pip promised that she was done with being a detective and getting into cases. But when someone she knows goes missing, she realizes she is going to have to break that promise. Pip comes to find that she is the only one who can save the missing person, as the police aren’t going to do anything about it. But this time around everyone is listening in.

But even after having dealt with two cases, and a whole lot of trauma from them, Pip is still looking for more. When she is about to finally go off to college, she starts to get online death threats from an unknown number. She then comes to find that this person has been listening in on her podcasts. They want her to stop digging into cases. 

But how can Pip save the person whose life is on the line, when she is the one being hunted?

I highly recommend this series to anyone who is looking for a fun, chilling read. It is pretty fast passed and will keep you hooked. You will definitely not be able to put this series down.