The Importance of Art

The Importance of Art

Maggie Dempewolf, Staff Writer

“Why is art important?” you may ask. There are many reasons as to why art is important. Art has been around for centuries, and there are millions of museums around the globe, yet people still ask why there is a need for them. Here we will look into a few reasons as to why art is important and why it should be kept around.

One of the oldest reasons why art is important is because it gives us a way to remember great people from thousands of years ago. If we look back, we find that art has always really been around, and we find that the pieces of these long-ago times were a lot of sculptures and paintings of great leaders of this world. Think way back to the great sphinx, or even thousands of years later to the Lincoln Memorial. Art is really one of the most prominent ways to represent and remember our great leaders.

Another one of the more known ways as to why people find art important is because it gives us a way to express ourselves. Whether we are happy or sad, or even not really sure what we are feeling, art has always been a great way to express what we feel when we can’t find the words. Expressing ourselves through art isn’t just about our emotions, though. It’s also a nice way to bring some light to our hobbies and interests. Art has no limits. You can create as much or as little as you want. Art is a great way to make those around you feel something.

Now the two things I have mentioned here are only a small fraction of what art has truly has come to be. In this day and age it seems as though art has almost become lost within the hustle and bustle of life. This is why museums have been around for thousands of years as well. They give us a way to look at art and feel the emotions of art in a safe space. Whether or not you are an artist yourself or you just support it, we can all find ourselves admiring art.