Crystals: A Clear Understanding

A recap of some of my favorite crystals and their healing properties!

Crystals: A Clear Understanding

Maddy Bergey, Editor

Though crystals have been around for centuries, since they are—in theory—just glorified rocks, there has recently been a resurgence in the use of them in western culture. However, cultures in Egypt, China, and Greece used crystals as a healing form in their ancient civilizations.

As a form of witchcraft, crystals are now being implemented into people’s lives in order to allow them to believe in some higher power. Crystals each have many different healing properties that can help someone manifest and ground. Some people have regarded the beliefs in crystals to be the placebo effect, while others are firm in the belief that composing minerals of the crystals affect human bodies on a biological level.

Hunk of Citrine gemstone

Personally, I do believe in crystals, as they seemingly propose a tether to a more divine power. It feels nice to have something directly from the earth to hold onto and put intention into. Despite crystals essentially being glorified rocks that sit there, in order to feel aligned with the offerings of crystals, one has to put energy, time, and effort into them as well.

As a capricorn, I also find comfort in the properties of crystals in order to achieve a more zen, hopeful feeling amidst the chaos of my mind. One of the main crystals that capricorns can benefit from is clear quartz. Its main properties are to provide clarity, amplify energy, and aid concentration. Besides clear quartz, some of my favorite crystals in my collection include citrine, dalmation jasper, tiger’s eye, and sunstone.

Citrine is a crystal focused on joy, prosperity, and energy. As a naturally yellow crystal, its golden glow made it commonly used as a decoration as early as 300 BC. Working similarly to sunlight, this crystal warms people’s bodies and moods, as it helps to make one more optimistic. Mentally and emotionally, citrine also helps to release tension and simultaneously boost confidence.

Dalmatian Jasper Medium Tumbled Stone - Mystic Valley
Dalmation Jasper

Next up, dalmation jasper is clearly named after the pattern found on dalmation dogs. A bit similarly to citrine, this crystal has a playful vibration, which ultimately helps to heal one’s inner child by letting go of any bitter or resentful feelings. Tourmaline deposits help to give this crystal the black spots amidst the brown and white coloring.

Tiger’s eye comes next, which happens to be one of my favorite crystals that has a natural luster. Giving this crystal a striped look with its reddish brown hints, it has metallic-looking bands running through it. This crystal is considered to be a protective crystal—like most!—because it is used to ward off bad energies or even something as far as curses.

Standing tall over my own personal tray of crystals is a tower of sunstone. In my opinion, this is one of the most beautiful crystals because of its vibrant orange color, although the coloring can inevitably vary; while some are vibrant tangerine-colored, others are more muted flesh colored. This stone is linked to energizing the chakras and bringing the wearer luck. Like many stones, it heightens intuition and allows one to live more authentically.

Whether or not one chooses to believe in the healing powers that crystals have, I feel that people can inevitably find beauty in these timeless gemstones.