FCHS Staff Spotlight: Ms. Samantha Bratland


Photo by Jostens

Adrik Nevalainen, Student Writer




Ms. Bratland became part of the FCHS staff this year as a replacement for Mrs. Mathison. Bratland grew up in Spring Grove, Minnesota, and attended Luther College in Decorah, Iowa. It was at Luther where Bratland majored in Art and Business Management. Her creative yet business-oriented passions make Bratland a great teacher, but also a great coach. This year, Bratland was not only just a coach for varsity softball, but also the junior high girls basketball and volleyball teams. Besides all of these activities, she has also undertaken the role of co-yearbook adviser in order to resume the staff’s activity after Mrs. Mehus’s retirement. 


Besides bustling through the chaos of Fillmore Central, Bratland enjoys being creative even outside of the classroom. Her personal art business, called Samantha Kay Art, takes up most of Bratland’s time. Despite her career and artistic goals, Bratland also enjoys spending time with the people and animals she loves.


From being a sharp business woman and an artist to a coach and a teacher, Bratland has proven what it means to be successful. Her extended interests prove to young students at Fillmore Central that one can be an athlete, but one can also be an artist. Fillmore Central High School is happy to have Ms. Samantha Bratland as a member of its staff. 


Ms. Samantha Bratland

  • Softball coach, junior high volleyball coach, junior high girls basketball coach, co-yearbook adviser