Will Spring Ever Arrive?

Will Spring Ever Arrive?

Jenna Tieskotter, Staff Writer

When most people think of spring, they think of clear skies, green grass, and warm temperatures. Well, here in southeastern Minnesota, spring seems to be nonexistent. 


Last week—Tuesday, April 11th through Thursday April 13th—the sun was beaming, and temperatures were reaching the 80s. Shorts were out, fans were on, and windows were open all throughout the school due to the hot temperatures. Who would have guessed that only 3 days later the roads would be covered with ice and snow, and the weather would be so bad it would cause school to be canceled. 


The weather has changed so much in the span of a week. The week started with sunny, 80-degree days and then led to several inches of snow and a snow day. The snow has been melting very fast, and we are approaching warmer temperatures once again. 


With this said, it feels as though the weather keeps switching from hot, summer-like temperatures to snow and cold, winter-like temperatures. Some people may be questioning if spring will ever show up. The temperatures will warm, the snow will melt, and the rain will fall. We can only hope that spring will finally show up and bring upon the perfect, spring-like weather.