Small Group Competition at Rushford


Maddy Bergey, Editor

On Thursday, April 20th, over 20 members from both choir and band traveled to Rushford-Peterson to showcase their talents. They left by 2:45 p.m. in order to ensure prompt arrival! For the past weeks, they have each spent numerous hours choosing and practicing their solos. While some students played their instruments, others participated in solos or even choral quartets!

Also in preparation for this competition, these same students performed on Tuesday, March 21st at the local band and choir recital. There, 16 singers from 9th-12th grade participated. Though all performances were things to be proud of, Siri Corson—who sang “Bel Piacere“—got the Best in Site Award. For more information about the choir performances that night, see this article!

Similarly, 13 band members participated both at the local recital and competition in Rushford. All participating band members received superior ratings, which is an exciting accomplishment for our band department!

Much like the local band and choir recital, there were judges who critiqued each of the performances at the Small Group Competition in Rushford. Students were separated into various centers; then, a Best in Site Award was given out to one stellar performer in each individual center. Though they didn’t hear those award results on Thursday, each solo and small group received their performance ballets from the judges once their performance was complete.

From Fillmore Central, our very own Hannah Kingsley won the Best in Site Award on the choral side of the competition. Congratulations on so beautifully conveying the message and emotion with your vocal talent, Hannah!

Thank you to all students who participated in both solo small group recitals/competitions and shared their talents with our local communities!