FCHS Staff Spotlight: Mrs. Knutson


Mrs. Knutson (far right) and her family.

Adrik Nevalainen, Student Writer




Mrs. Knutson became a member of the FCHS staff four years ago. Mrs. Knutson attended North Dakota State University with a bachelor’s degree in Veterinary Technology. Her plan in college was not always set on becoming a teacher, but she explained “After I had my first son, I wanted a career. I wanted a career that was more family-friendly. I always wanted to be a teacher, so it was the easiest decision.” Mrs. Knutson then proceeded to achieve a Master of Arts through Teaching at St. Marys. Fillmore Central is lucky to have this bright addition to its staff. Besides teaching science courses, Mrs. Knutson is also the junior class advisor.


Beyond just teaching at Fillmore Central, Mrs. Knutson prefers to play with her children, being outdoors, working out, and reading. When asked about some of her favorite books, Mrs. Knutson mentioned the Kristine Hannah books, and Robin Carr’s the Virgin River series. Mrs. Knutson also favors the genres of thriller and murder mysteries. 


Rounding out to four years at Fillmore Central, Mrs. Knutson has already made an impact. She continuously expressed her deep love and gratitude for her students, even the ones she never had in class. Comparatively, Mrs. Knutson shared that her coworkers are also a valued aspect of her Fillmore Central experience. Fillmore Central High School is pleased to have Mrs. Knutson as a member of its staff.    


Mrs. Knutson

  • Junior class advisor