FCHS Staff Spotlight: Mrs. Koch

Adrik Nevalainen, Student Writer




Mrs. Koch became a member of the FCHS staff during the school year of 2021-2022. Before her successful debut as a teacher, Mrs. Koch was also a student at Fillmore Central. After high school, she went to South Dakota State University to start a major in Dairy Science. It wasn’t until her sophomore year in college where Mrs. Koch decided to shift directions to major in Agriculture Education instead. Today, she has returned home to share her skills as an Ag teacher at Fillmore Central. Besides being an Ag teacher, Mrs. Koch is also an FFA advisor and an assistant senior class advisor. 


Rather than teaching, Mrs. Koch enjoys skiing, spending time with her family, and reading. Mrs. Koch mentioned everyone should always try to read one book a year. She herself reads to the amount of 52 books a year. 


Mrs. Koch’s favorite aspect about Fillmore Central is the students, sharing how: “everything is connected.” To further clarify this statement, Mrs. Koch also mentioned how important it is for students to not limit themselves to one thing—“being uncomfortable can equal growth.” Fillmore Central High School is pleased to have Mrs. Koch as a member of its staff.  


Mrs. Koch

  • FFA advisor, assistant senior class advisor.