Degenerate Generations?!


Maddy Bergey, Editor

Ugh! What is all this cacophony? The world is too obstreperous! My thoughts are asphyxiating me. The world is deteriorating at the rate of nitrogen fixation because the human race is completely fractionate.

When will equality become incessant? When will sovereignty of one’s one body be inherently incorporated to society? When will we all not be so audacious? When will loving whomever you want to love be disesteemed by society? Are the systems seemingly ruptured and broken, or are they actually working for who they were designed for? Are people not being able to breathe because of emanation of greenhouse gasses or because of barbarity of people in power?

Perhaps a world so dejected has never met generations like the ones that currently inhabit the world—degenerate, depressed, and the very essence of degression.

Though I hope this didn’t cause you an umbrage, just know it’s all wisecrack . . . or has it been true candor all along? Anyway, happy Big Word Day to all those who celebrate with their loyal dictionaries and thesauruses!