FCHS Staff Spotlight: Mr. Todd

Adrik Nevalainen, Student Writer




Mr. Todd became a teacher at Fillmore Central High School five years ago to replace the position of Mr. Dick. Before becoming a social studies teacher, Mr. Todd was also a student at Fillmore Central. After high school, he attended Luther College in Decorah, Iowa, where he majored in history and minored in secondary education. Mr. Todd also received a coaching endorsement, but it was only applicable to the state of Iowa. Despite this, Mr. Todd is also the junior varsity football, junior varsity basketball and the junior high golf coach.


Besides teaching, Mr. Todd prefers to spend his time playing golf and watching sports. Mr. Todd expressed that the Minnesota Vikings are his favorite team to watch although, as he explains it, “The Vikings cause me a lot of stress and anxiety, but I love them nonetheless.”   


In regard to Mr. Todd’s accomplishments at Fillmore Central, he explained that it’s the student victories that bring him the most joy. It was just this school year where the Fillmore Central football team attended the state competition in the U.S. Bank Stadium. Mr. Todd explained, “Anytime I get the opportunity to participate in a state event, it’s a great experience.” 


As what was mentioned previously, Mr. Todd was also a student at Fillmore Central before he became part of its staff.  Mr. Todd explained the significance of coming back in this sentiment “I grew up in Harmony and went to Fillmore, and being part of the community is a special part of my life. I care a lot about it.” Fillmore Central High School is pleased to have Mr. Todd as a member of its staff. 


Mr. Todd

  • JV football coach, JV basketball coach, junior high golf coach, offensive coordinator