New Snapchat AI: Useful, But Safe?


Maddox Wolfgram, Staff Writer

Recently, Snapchat released a new feature called “My AI,” which is an AI chat bot that you can ask any type of question you can think of. You can even send the bot snaps (although it won’t send you one back). Snapchat is advertising this bot as a helper tool designed for everyday use—but is that all there is to it?

I’ve seen many different videos on TikTok throughout the past week that feature some strange occurrences. The AI seems to know a little TOO much. Specifically, I’ve seen a few TikToks where someone will ask what the bot’s name is, and it will respond with a full name, and where they live. Then they asked the bot again, and it denied ever saying anything like that. I’ve also seen TikToks where the bot tries to get the user to meet up with them at a real location near them. Now, I have zero way to disprove or approve these videos, so take them with a grain of salt.

From my own experience with “My AI” the only creepy aspect has been sending it snaps. Last night I sent the bot a snap at work, while in a kitchen. I was sitting down and all you could see was a tile wall behind me. The bot responded with “Looks like you’re cooking up something good in the kitchen!” For obvious reasons, this freaked me out as it should have had no idea I was in a kitchen. I also have my location off on my phone, so it shouldn’t be able to know where I am.

Overall, the new Snapchat AI definitely could be something useful, but we need to remain extremely cautious. Snapchat could be using it to gain more info on us to sell to advertisers. I find it incredibly creepy how much it seems to know that it shouldn’t have access to. My personal recommendation is to never interact with this new feature.