2023 Trap Team

Grace Kennedy, Student Writer

For all who don’t know what trap shooting is, imagine there are five stations spread out every couple feet. There is what is called a trap house, and it is where orange disks (called birds/clays) are thrown out of a thrower. For every disk you hit, you get one point. You shoot fifty disks, split into two rounds. Station one shoots and then it goes down the row; after all five people shoot, station one shoots again. After shooting five, you rotate to the next station. When you have shot twenty-five, you let the next team go; then, you take your second round after the other teams of five go.


This sport isn’t like other sports where you go head-to-head like basketball or baseball. In trap, all the scores that are kept are sent to other schools in the conference; thus, this is how competition between schools occurs.


The seniors this year are Gunner Benson, Sam Springer, Nate Storlie, and myself, Grace Kennedy.


Samuel has been in trap since he was in seventh grade. Sam is known for getting many awards for top shooter and most improved, plus he has lettered. He set the record of getting three 25 (100% ) last year. We’re hoping that he can get even more this year! He will definitely be missed!


Gunner has been in trap since he was in seventh grade. He is a great leader with helping the incoming kids and just overall being a great help. He was the only one who went to State in 2021 to shoot. Thank you for serving for your country! Best of wishes!


Nate has been in trap since he was in ninth grade. He is a great shooter on our team. He is someone who scores very high and helps our team out. He hopes that people join earlier than he did, because he really enjoys shooting traps. Good luck on your future endeavors! You will be missed! 


I have been in trap since sixth grade. There has been only a few girls who have been on the team with me through the years. This year will be my fourth year traveling to Alexandra for trap. In the past there, I have gotten top girl, and hopefully I’m going to get it again this year. Another award that I have received was top girl in our conference. I am proud to say that this year there are the most girls trap has ever had; we have six girls! As always, I’m making sure that I will be the great leader they need to be the best they can be.


This year is one of the biggest trap teams so far with 38 people! There are 6 girls and 32 boys: Aiden Arnold, Brady Arnold, Gunner Benson, Kenny Biel, Dreigh Cremer, Coltan Dempewolf, Brayden Engen, Laiten Engen, Lexi Engen, Connor Hovey, Peter Haugerud, Jaxton Heibel, Jackson Hildebrandt, Carter Keim, Cowan Keim, Jake Kotek, Greg Kennedy, Grace Kennedy, Ella Michel, Blaine Niemeyer, Brody Niemeyer, Davis Penhollow, Nathan Pfremmer, Adrian Rindels, Maddex Rindels, Ben Ryan, Cody Serfling, Brock Sikkink, Kendyl Sikkink, Sam Springer, Micah Steffens, Davis Stene, Tristen Sill, Nate Storlie, Kayden Shaw, Claytin Wingert, and Olivia Whalen. The coaches are Bill Hanlon, Kyle Scheevel, Scott Springer, Brad Sikkink, Bryan Michel, and Matt Engen.


We shoot every Sunday.  There are two different times that kids shoot. There is an early group and a late group. The first group starts shooting at one and the second group comes in at three. 


Thank you to all who support trap and dedicate their time to come out and watch. Anyone who is interested in joining, PLEASE JOIN! It is a ton of fun!