Music Notes with Maddy: Track 8

A wrap-up of the songs I have recently been hyper-fixated on!

Maddy Bergey, Editor

For this week’s episode of my music note series, I am changing it up a bit! Instead of covering various songs from a singular album, my top tracks as of late will be previewed instead. Changing seasons seem to inevitably bring a change in vibes, feelings, and music as well.

Besides the entire album the record by boygenius, my top track recently has been “if i were a fish” by corook featuring Olivia Barton. A song that stole my heart from the beginning, it started as a little ditty produced in just ten minutes by a queer couple after a difficult and emotional day. Proclaiming words that both speak to hatred and its effects on one’s self image, mental health, and perception, these two humans created a sensation that quickly reached over two million people. A few days after its release on TikTok, the song was released on various streaming platforms on Friday, April 21st.

Next up is “Fix You” by Coldplay, although specifically the cover by Kacey Musgraves. Maybe induced by the releasing of hormones or the rehearsing of senior songs, lyrics about one’s life changing, expanding, and no longer tethering to a childhood home have really been resonating. As I await my future outside of high school, I can’t help but be reminded of the humbling nature of still having a connection to a place I once knew so well. The chorus goes, “Lights will guide you home / And ignite your bones,” which feels representative of still being brought alive by memories that may live in us, despite detachment.

Another top song recently has been “Rubberneckers” by Christian Lee Hutson, which also features harmonies by Phoebe Bridgers. Speaking about life going on despite someone’s absence has something comforting to be found within it. Lyrics within that song speak directly to this—”I am going to be okay some day / With or without you.” Though relationships on any level change, there is peace to be found in accepted solitude.

“Shark Smile” by Big Thief comes next in my list of top tracks. Generally an upbeat song, it actually speaks to a tragic story in which people get in a car accident—while one lives, another dies. Despite having an objectively groovy rhythm, it masks an experience that inevitably causes trauma responses for the singer, Adrianne Lenker. Its vibe definitely lends itself to a mini dance party to be had with yourself or friends, especially as the days grow longer!

Up next comes Leith Ross’s “(You) On My Arm,” which is a sweet, upbeat ode to queer love. The instrumentals and sweet lyrics melt listeners’ hearts. Somehow, they manage to showcase both the softness and gut-wrenching nature of a love that sometimes seems forbidden. Some of my favorite lyrics are “I wanna be / I wanna buy you / Pretty little things / And never ever lie to you,” as they depict everything that gentle love can be.

Last but not least is “Your Mind Is Not Your Friend” by The National and Phoebe Bridgers! Speaking exactly to its title, the lyrics throughout the song speak to a harsh reality about one’s mind often having conflict with oneself. Though harsh, I feel the messages conveyed through the lyrics can resonate with many. It is a relatable notion that instead of your mind working for you, it often leaves one desolate of guidance, direction, comfort, and more. That being said, though, one’s mind is inherently something to nurture . . . and question!