May the Fourth Be With You


Maddy Bergey, Editor

As many avid Star Wars fans know, May 4th is National Star Wars Day!

The first film was created by George Lucas and released in July of 1977. Even though sci-fi was a rather desolate genre within Hollywood at the time, the filmmaker took the risk to set his story in outer space. Its production budget was $9.5 million. The special effects, beloved characters, and incredible technical aspects all helped to make the first film, “Star Wars: Episode IV — A New Hope,” a hit. By the end of the summer, it had already brought in $100 million.

Despite having started as a series of films, it has now transpired into various forms—from video games to novels—and even theme park attractions.

Having received many accolades, this series continues to be featured in pop culture today. Some of these awards include numerous Academy Awards, various Special Achievement Awards, a Golden Globe award, six Grammy Awards, and more! The original film was even nominated in various areas—everything from Best Picture to Best Original Screenplay.

As they say, may the fourth be with you!