FCHS Staff Spotlight: Profe. Rettick


Photo by Jostens

Adrik Nevalainen, Student Writer




Profe. Rettick became a teacher at Fillmore Central in 2015 to replace the previous Spanish teacher, Mr. Wolfgram. Before Rettick’s start at Fillmore Central, she attended college at Winona State University to major in Spanish Education and minor in Studio Art. After college, she then taught Spanish at another local high school, although Fillmore Central later proved to be a better fit for Rettick. She further disclosed that Fillmore Central offered what she had been missing. “Being a part of the community and watching my students grow is important to me,” Rettick explained. It was at Fillmore Central where Rettick found her true calling in teaching.

Rettick’s veteran status at Fillmore Central even extends beyond its halls. Her service in the Minnesota National Guard has had a major impact on her life and even her students. Profe Rettick is proud to be a local Veteran. She also disclosed her genuine appreciation for the students and staff that continuously express their support for her service. Besides her commitment to the National Guard, Rettick is also attending the University of Nebraska Kearney to obtain her masters in Spanish Education. When asked about the reason for expanding her degree, Rettick mentioned this: “my purpose is to offer Spanish level 3 and 4 college credit courses at Fillmore Central, and to be a better teacher.”

Beyond just her love for teaching, Rettick is also an avid crafter. Everything from knitting, crocheting and quilting fulfill her passion for creative expression. She also disclosed spending time with her son Rudy is important to her. 

A lot has changed since the start of Rettick’s career at Fillmore Central—everything from COVID-19 to her own hair style. It was at a student-operated fundraiser where Rettick volunteered to publicly shave her head. Rettick takes pride in her involvement with the student body. In one way, this commitment is a representation of Rettick’s sincere love for the local youth she influences.  Fillmore Central is lucky to have Profe. Rettick as a member of its staff.


Profe. Rettick 

  • Spanish teacher