FCHS Staff Spotlight: Mr. Ledin

Mr. Ledin (third down) and his family

Mr. Ledin (third down) and his family

Adrik Nevalainen, Student Writer




Mr. Ledin has been a member of Fillmore Central for six years as the 5-12th grade band director. Ledin’s passion for teaching and music has always been prevalent throughout his life. It was many of his high school teachers that inspired Ledin to pursue a career as an educator. It was then at River Falls, Wisconsin, where Mr. Ledin attended the University of Wisconsin–River Falls to major in Music Education. After college, his start at Fillmore Central proved to be a position in which big shoes needed to be filled. The Fillmore Central Band Department has had a long line of outstanding accomplishments that may prove to be burdensome for some to continue. Mr. Ledin, however, explains how “continuing the tradition of excellence” (Ledin) proves to be his most fulfilling accomplishment at Fillmore Central. Since the start of his career at Fillmore Central, there have been many superior awards granted to not only the general High School Band, but as well with the Jazz Band and even instrumental Small Group.  The famed success of the Fillmore Central Band Department is in good hands. 

Besides teaching, Mr. Ledin discussed how music is “both my job and my passion (Ledin).” Excluding music, however, Ledin has been happily married for 14 years and has two daughters. Much of his free time is spared for his family, while other things like baseball and history fill the rest. 

Although the Fillmore Central Band has experienced major shifts in leadership, Mr. Ledin is here to stay. Fillmore Central High School is happy to have Mr. Ledin as a member of its staff.  


Mr. Ledin

  • Band director