Prom Twenty Twenty-Three

Maddy Bergey, Editor

This past weekend on April 29th, the awaited annual event of prom occurred. This year’s theme was rustic romance, so the decorations featured string lights, barrels, lanterns, and greenery. Basically all day, seniors, juniors, and some sophomores got ready, took pictures, had lunch, spent time with friends, and prepared for the long evening ahead of them.

Most of the senior class took pictures at one of their classmates’ sheds, while the junior class took theirs at the Old Barn Resort. They occurred at 1 P.M., giving the prom-goers enough time to get ready in the morning yet still have time before arriving to grand march at 6:30 P.M. Though parents, families, and guardians were let in the gym’s door on the north side at 6:30 P.M., other visitors were let in the gym’s door on the south side at 6:45 P.M. Grand march started at 7:00 P.M.

To start off the prom lineup, the senior class officers walked through first, followed by other seniors and then juniors. Lastly, ten different groups went through for the second, fun round. People ramped the fun round up this year with props including bubble guns, disco balls, sunglasses, and even candy.

Once grand march was over, the gym lights turned on for an opportunity for more pictures to be taken. Minutes later, the lights were turned off again, and the music started. While some prom-goers started dancing, others checked out the snack bar filled with cookies, brownie bites, chips, and a popcorn bar. Until 11 P.M., music kept the gym alive; then, students had an hour to get to B & B Bowling in Preston for post prom before doors closed at 12 A.M.

Senior and junior students were allowed to go to post-prom, regardless of whether they went through grand march or to the prom dance. The party after prom consisted of bowling, caricature drawing, and some students getting hypnotized. Food options varied from a taco bar to puppy chow to cold meat sandwiches; varieties of soda, milk, gatorade, and water were offered as well. Around 3 A.M., people’s names were drawn for prizes before the doors opened at 3:30 A.M.

Overall, prom-goers considered this year’s prom a success!