Book Review – The Secret History


Maggie Dempewolf, Staff writer

The Secret History is a compelling and captivating story of college student Richard Papen and how he comes to know an interesting group of five classics students by the names of Charles Macaulay, his twin sister Camila Macaulay, Henry Winter, Edmund Corcoran or “Bunny,” and Francis Abernathy. The book was written by Donna Tart in September of 1992.

The story begins with the readers finding out that Bunny has been murdered by the others. Throughout the novel, the story goes on to tell how Richard became friends with the others and how he eventually had a hand in Bunny’s murder. The setting of the book is Hampden college in Vermont. The story goes on to tell how Richard spends his time studying Greek and how he comes to learn some disturbing things about his friends. Bunny’s body is never found until several days later. The FBI rules out that Bunny’s death is related to drugs and the group goes to bunny’s house for his funeral. They are never found to be the ones to have killed Bunny. After his death, the friends all eventually drive themselves to insanity and Henry ends up killing himself.

Overall the book has a very chaotic storyline. But, this book is a very good read if you want something that is very captivating with many twists and turns.  It is definitely a book that will keep you up reading all night long.