Show of the Month: Beef


Tiana Pickett-Hanson, Staff Writer

For May’s show of the month I’ve chosen Beef, a new Netflix show released on April 6th, 2023. Starring Steven Yeun, Ali Wong, Joseph Lee, and Young Mazino, and directed by Lee Sung Jin, this show is rated TV-MA. In a fury of road rage, the two antagonists, who are two complete strangers, have a near accident. And thus, a feud ensues between the two of them; the feud evolves and the two of them want to enact their rage. As they continue to fight they both spiral out of control, and risk the people in their lives as well as their lives themselves.

The two main characters of the show are Amy and Danny. They are both having very bad days; Danny owes money to people, but he lost the receipts for those payments, and Amy is stressed from work, as she has been struggling to close deals. When the two encounter each other, they’re both in fits of rage and their almost accident turns into a road chase. Throughout the season you follow Amy and Danny’s lives and see how all of their rage comes about. You also see how they let it all out in their feud. This show is filled with many turns and a lot of fighting, aka beef, which is where I assume the show got its name.

The actors in this show are truly talented; they are able to capture rage in a realistic way while also showing how you build up to that level of rage. The cast includes Steven Yueng as Danny Cho, Ali Wong as Amy Lau, Joseph Lee as George Nakai, Young Mazino as Paul Cho, Remy Holt as June, David Choe as Issac Cho, Pattie Yasutake as Fumi Nakai, Ashley Park as Naomi, Maria Bello as Jordan, and Justin H. Min as Edwin.

Overall this show does a great job of showing human emotions, but also showing how a person’s emotions can get out of hand. I think that it’s a very good show and I would recommend it. I think that this show could have been very cheesy and overdramatic, but the show does a very good job at balancing the dramatics of the show while also keeping it grounded. By doing this, it makes the show relatable and more likable when you’re watching it.