Boys & Girls Track are Going to State!


Chloe Morem, Student Writer

On Wednesday, May 10th, both the boys and girls LFCMC Track & Field finished 3rd in the Section True Team meet. There Kammry Broadwater once again broke the school record in the discus with a new PR of 119’2″. The LFCMC Track & Field will be advancing to the True Team State Meet in Stillwater. The boys and girls have worked all season to earn this, as they go to state True Team almost every year. With their 3rd place ranking, this year both the boys & girls were relying on the wildcard, which they got. This put them in the qualifying spot for State True Team.


Currently, the women’s top ten teams in the sate are ranks as follows: Payneysville; 1501.5, Chatfield; 1476.5, Holfingford;1446, LFCMC; 1436.5, Minneota; 1363, Frazee; 1343, Pelican Rapids; 1326, Lake City; 1279, St. Charles; 1237, Legacy Christian Academy; 1212.5


The top 10 Men team rankings: GMLOKS; 1577.5, Holdingford; 1499.5, Montevideo; 1463, LFCMC; 1431, Rushford Peterson/Houston; 1408.5, Verndale; 1390.5, Concordia; 1368, Chatfield; 1338.5, Crosby-Ironton; 1250.5, Jackson County Central; 1229.5.


Good luck to the LFCMC boys & girls track and field at State True Team!