What is a Mandela Effect?


Ashtyn Schibursky, Staff Writer

The Mandela Effect, also known as “collective false memory”, is a phenomena where a group of people believe that an event happened but it really didn’t. Fiona Broome first coined the term “Mandela Effect” in 2010 after a conference she was at. She came across many people at the conference that had believed Nelson Mandela died in prison in the 1980s instead of him still being alive. This Mandela Effect became one of the most popular conspiracies.

Though the Nelson Mandela Effect is the most popular, there are some other popular conspiracies as well. Another one brought up is the Monopoly man. Does he have a monocle? You might say yes, but he actually doesn’t. There is also the hit 2003 children’s show The Berenstain Bears– however, many people, including myself, remember it being The Berenstein Bears. 

This is only the beginning of my deep dive into Mandela Effects!