Free School Lunches Starting Next Year!!!

Alayna Holets, Staff Writer

Good news for Fillmore Central students next year—all students will be provided with free lunch and breakfast starting at the beginning of the new school year!


Thanks to the Lunch Lager passing a bill, there will be free school lunches for all students for the next two years! This will be very helpful to the families who struggle but don’t meet the requirements for the current free and reduced lunch program. Sadly, this free lunch doesn’t extend to teachers or staff, only for all students pre-k up through 12th grade. 


Free school lunch hasn’t been a thing since Covid, and there has been so much positive feedback now that the free lunches have been brought back. 


All students have to do is take the recommended and required amount of fruits, vegetables, grains, meat, and milk, most of which is only half a cup. If students don’t comply there will be a charge. Our lunch ladies ask that students follow these regulations, for if the USDA were to find out the school wasn’t adhering to the guidelines the school would end up being penalized and would have to pay for the lunches. 


So the lunch ladies simply ask that everyone be nice to them. Respect what they tell you to do; they understand that you don’t want to take the vegetables or the fruit, but they only want what is best for your health and your wallet.