Queer Eye: More Than A Makeover


Hannah Kingsley, Editor

Netflix’s original series Queer Eye just came out with its 7th season! It has a total of seven episodes with each being close to an hour long. This show follows the Fab Five—Jonathan Van Ness, Tan France, Antoni Porowski, Karamo Brown, and Bobby Berk—in their wild and wacky adventures all over the world while they give people’s lives a total makeover. Each person in the Fab Five has a specific task or area of specialty they tackle for each person they help. 


Jonathan is a hairdresser and has worked some absolute magic with hairstyles, making people feel comfortable and confident in how they look. Tan France is the appointed fashion icon and gives people a whole new look and wardrobe, so they can feel like their best selves. Antoni is the master chef and gives people recipes and resources so they can eat balanced meals while also connecting with parts of each person’s culture. Karamo is the Fab Five member who really taps into people’s culture, who they are, who they wish to become, and what relationships need to be mended. He guides and mentors people through their struggles so they can have fulfilling lives and relationships. And last but not least, Bobby. Bobby is an interior designer who completely revamps people’s homes and businesses. He incorporates people’s individuality and personality with a mix of modern interior design, making spaces enjoyable and accessible. 


This show is so much more than the people and what they do, though. It’s about making connections and touching  people’s lives and hearts in ways most can’t. The episodes can get fairly emotional at times, but everyone leaves feeling hopeful for what the future holds.