FCHS Choir Concert


Photo Credit: Jodi Hellem

Award winners Liz Ryan and Maddy Bergey with Choir director Sarah Holten

Hannah Kingsley, Editor

On Monday, May 15th, the Fillmore Central 7-8th and 9-12th choir performed a number of songs for the public to listen to. The night started off with the 7-8th choir singing the pieces “Oh, Sinner Man,” “Your Song,” “Bang The Drum All Day,” “Walk Through Life,” “Amazing,” and “You Are A Yes.”

Then, the 9-12th choir started their section with an arrangement of “Loyal, Brave, True” from the Disney movie Mulan. After that were the pieces “Hallelujah,” “Found/Tonight” from the musical Dear Evan Hansen, and “Sound Of Silence.” Their last arrangement was the “Journey Music Medley.” In this piece there were 6 fabulous soloists: Samuel Springer, Maddy Bergey, Elizabeth Ryan, Siri Corson, Brayden Engen, and Aaliyah Root.

fter this piece, Sarah Holten, the magnificent choir director, gave recognition to all of the seniors and their parents. Then, the senior awards were announced! The Fillmore Central Senior Choral Award was awarded to Maddy Bergey and the National School Choral Award was awarded to Elizabeth Ryan. Congratulations to both of these lovely people!

The night ended with “Bridge Over Troubled Water,” which was performed by both the 7-8th and 9-12th choir. Overall, it was a wonderful and successful concert for both choirs!