Why Women’s Pockets Should Be Bigger


Maggie Dempewolf, Staff writer

The common question that’s been asked for years among women, and among men as well, is ‘why are women’s pockets not big enough?’ Why is this? Why do our male counterparts get to have nice deep pockets while we women must resort to carrying everything with our hands instead of putting it into pockets?

Women never even had pockets until the 17th century, and even nowadays a lot of women still have to carry around a purse for everything they need. But there are a lot of women, especially teen girls, that don’t want to always have to carry a purse with them wherever they go. Most of the time you don’t need much other than a wallet, keys, and phone. This isn’t that much to carry around, but when you can’t fit it all into your pockets and have to carry it all in your hands it can seem like a lot. Plus, having to carry a purse can be bulky and look old fashioned in some cases.

The main reason for women’s pockets being so small is because of fashion. As fashion has evolved over the decades, women’s clothing has become much more slimming and flattering. With this, pockets need to downsize in order to fit proportionally. Pockets have become more of a decoration in some cases rather than being seen as a necessity. But this should change. Not everyone wants to carry around everything in their purse or their hands. Even if the pockets were just maybe an inch or two longer, it would make a major difference.